GUIDE to Arsenal

Arsenal Roblox is another first-person shooting game on the game platform Roblox. It was created in 2015 and there is a total of one billion visits and 2.5 million favorites which are quite impressive in comparison to other FPS games on the Roblox platform. This is game is sort of similar to CS-GO(Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). The game is also kids friendly which means the is a large portion of kids playing it.


There is an arms race game mode that which your whole goal is to eliminate the opponent’s team. Unlike CS-GO which has several ways of archiving victories, such as Round by round victories contributing to the total rounds of final victories with terrorists setting up the C4 or the counter-terrorist disposed of the bomb. Each round, players must get kills or assists adding up to 32. And one of the most fascinating features of the game is that the final kill comes with a Golden Life. If you get a kill with the golden life then the game ends. One of the surprises from the game is that the person who was killed by the golden life will turn into a statue. And unlike the traditional CS-GO game mode where you can purchase weapons however you want them to be when you kill someone/or get an assist in this game, your weapon will be randomly switched to a brand new one but also a better one. When you have killed in no matter what ways, you will be degraded to the previous weapon. This reminds me of another game CrossFire which is another FPS game similar to CS-GO where the first person who reaches the highest kills/gains the ultimately best weapon will win the game. In Arsenal, you can also equip skins for the characters or weapons or melees if you want to by using the B$(which is the battle bucks). There is also an emotion feature by pressing G where you can show different emotions to either your opponents/or teammates. This feature is well adapted by many games, for instance, League of Legends. In addition, if you double click G, you will have the “default Dance” displayed, sort like the dance in Fortnite. The game also adapted pieces of music from both “Half-Life” and “Team Fortress”.  Although the game sure adapted a lot of excellent perspectives from a lot of other FPS games, it still faces breaches and bugs. In 2019, there was a back door breach where there was a fake “Admin Commands” game pass allowing players to purchase but was later deleted and users who purchased the pass were compensated. Arsenal is also the first FPS to surpass 1 billion visits.


If you are wondering how to become a real pro in the game, there are tips listed below. First, get familiar with the maps and you should know the spawn's position guarantees your higher chance of hitting headshots. And just like all the other FPS games, you want to set your mouse to low sensitivity, it would so much easier to aim and flicks and this provides players a smoother experience overall. Also, it’s key to get behind your enemy which suggests paying attention to your back too if you don’t want to get knocked out black. Jumping and moving from side to side will also decrease the chance of enemies’ bullets hitting on you during combat. If you see no one close by, I would recommend going to spawn position to use the map for your advantage. But, if you want to be the king of the game, all it takes is constantly playing and practice will do the job.


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