GUIDE to Bee Swarm Simulator

Bee Swarm Simulator is one of the moody famous online multiplayer games made by Onett. The main purpose of the game is pretty obvious based on the name, hatch bees and collect pollen to make honey. The game was developed and released in March 2018. Bees are the main key factor of the game. They are like the players’ companions and they accompany players from field to field to collect pollen automatically. Another fascinating feature of bees is that they protect beekeepers also known as the player for mobs.


Bee Swarm Simulator is a game that is bee-related, so all the activities are pretty much bee-related The game starts with an intro tutorial l which you can choose to skip if you are familiar enough with the game itself and when you are close to one of the 6 hives, you can claim one of them. After you receive your favorite hive, the game comes with an egg and bag and also a scooper which will be useful for collecting pollen from the field. The bag you received will be storing the collected pollen. When you are at your hive, the bees inside the hive will automatically transfer pollen to honey. Also, keep in mind, that hatching more bee eggs and gathering the swarms will help the efficiency of collecting pollen. Honey is the universal currency where you will be able to buy new tools, eggs, and all sorts of other items to progress further in the Bee Swarm Simulator.


Missions are the major game mechanism of the game. Within different types of missions, after finishing them, you can further progress the game. So in some way, missions are the founder stone of the game, it’s not 100 percent required to do to have a good time in the game, but honestly, it’s recommended. You can receive missions from random NPCs, where they ask you to collect pollen, but sometimes, there is more you can do, such as collecting goo and others.


For beginners, codes can be a really helpful tool to start up a nice head start, making your life so much easier to expand your hive. And personally speaking, I would recommend buying as many eggs as possible at your start. And certainly, you can check oftentimes on the codes page to stay updated, join the game communication club and gain more in-game resources and free codes. Oh, just in case you forgot, you will always have to pay special attention to missions since they are the key in this game which means you will have to progress quests when you are free from other things. There is also a trick you can do for the process of transforming pollen into honey. You are suggested to stay in the nearest white circle near the hive which will minimize the time-consuming process. Just like in real life shopping, in the game of Bee swarm Simulator, you will have to aim for the best price in the shop so keep that in your mind!


Interestingly, this game sort of reminds me of Euro Truck Simulator, knowing that the only common thing they share is the word “simulator”. But I love the creator’s idea of putting us into the form of an animal to experience it from a new angle. The game provides a lot of knowledge to the audience as well when people are enjoying the game. You probably will learn the bee’s life cycle imperceptibly. And I’m super impressed by how much new ideology I learned from just starting with the game. In conclusion, this game is well-designed and suitable for all generations to play.


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