GUIDE to Brookhaven

Released in 2020, the Brookhaven is a role-playing game created by Roblox players Wolfpaq and Aidanleewolf. The game offers a scenario of a real town with multiple different buildings, such as a store, church, school, and playground, and you can roam around and engage in a variety of activities. You can build your own house in the game, get a pool in your garden, rob a house of others, or even rob a bank. You can also create and customize your avatar, get a job, and make purchases. The game is quite casual and is super easy to start. The game doesn’t feature any in-game currency, which makes the game a pure entertaining project. Players will have most of the in-game items when you just start the game, houses, vehicles, and other tools are all free. So you will never feel exhausted to fight and work for resources like people always do in other games. You can just enjoy the fun of role-playing in this game. There are many things you can do in the game, especially things you cannot do in the reality:


You can get your house for free. After you start the game, first explore the city, and find your favorite part of the land to build your house. You can drive randomly through the streets of the town until you find the place you like. You need to make sure an icon with “Vacant” on it is located on the land you like, and this way you are able to claim the land and purchase a house. Please note that you shall not be able to select a “Star” house.


To rob, a house, first find a target house that is not locked. If the owner locked the door, there is no way to get inside the house. Then find the safe, in most cases, it is put on the second or the third floor of the house and is in the closet. Use the bomb in your bag and blow the safe. Finally, grab the cash from the safe. Remember to move as fast as you can and escape immediately after you grab all the cash as the owner of the house may come back anytime and lock you inside the house. 


You can also choose to rob a bank if you would like to get a lot of money in a very quick way. The process of robbing a bank is more complicated than robbing a house. You need to get the green keycard first to open the locked door on the second floor of the bank building. The key is easily found as it can be found on the first floor and close to the manager’s desk. Pick it up by clicking on it on your screen. Then you will get to the vault which is the core of your action of robbing the bank. You need to use your bomb to blow up the vault. After the vault is opened by the explosion break, it is time to grab the large bags of money and put them into your bag. Remember to escape as quickly as you can as the alert is also activated when you blow the vault, and the police will come very fast. 


You can find a job by just entering any store that interests you and you easily change your job anytime in the game. You can get the job by simply clicking on the icon with the job name on it. You can also quit the job or take a break from the same operation. By working for a store, you will earn money and use it to buy necessary items in the game.


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