GUIDE to Build A Boat For Treasure

Built A Boat for Treasure is a well-known popular game that you might be assuming from the name already, you will build up your boat to focus on finding treasures. Just like in reality you will be needing resources/materials to build up your boat. You will always have to make sure that your boat survives the perilous seas and travels to the end of the map. The game supports around 10 other languages besides English. You also don’t necessarily have to play the game on a PC or a laptop. You have the choice to download the game from the apple store or the Google play store as well. So this game is phone friendly as well.


Players start on a large flat area, where surrounded by hills, so in reality, your only hope is to leave. You can use the hammer tool to put objects in the inventory. The weakest material is Woodblock and the strongest is the Gold Block. I would recommend you to get the property “screwdriver” which allows players to change the blocks’ transparency, etc. And once you are ready for sailing, you can choose to save the build and start sailing in the great ocean. Starting sailing, the game will automatically generate a large patch of water which will be the large channel for the newly built boat pushing it forward for the exploration of adventure. The ship often time will encounter obstacles during sailing, like rockets that can break the boat or the large cannon that’s being fired at the boat. There is also something called geysers which will shoot your boat high up and make it flip over. Your job is to travel through the obstacles and survive to get the chest with gold inside so you can improve your build on the boat. There is more than just exploring the water. Quests are available to be found and finished. Well, you can also choose a team and help to build a team efforts boat. The team leader will have a “crown” to be indicated. The process of building the boat can be totally up to you, it’s like Minecraft, where you collect objects and resources and then use your imagination to build the boat. This is kid-friendly which means the board doesn’t have to exactly so-called “a boat” to flow on the water. You can build it however you want it to be, it can be a hot dog, a cat, or whatever. This is a quite flexible game where you can even try to build a boat that flies which you can achieve by making specific designs.


If you are suffering from not enough gold or resources, codes are there to help you to gain free gold and blocks. Again, I think this is a good game, especially since it does expire kids to design and imagine since the game’s targeted audience is kids. One thing I realized that the game can improve is that there’s not a lot of interaction that can be done during the build or the exploration process. People can form teams but that’s simply it. It would be undoubtedly more fun and interesting to play if you can help other boats from sailing to their destination and gain gold for that or another way around, intervening them from going to the “treasure.”The average time an average person spent on this game is relatively short because as mentioned just then, the features that players have control over are limited. Overall, this game provides players with a lot of leisure and relaxing time to use their imagination to start sailing!


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