GUIDE to Epic Minigames

Epic Minigames, like what its name has implied, is a collection of minigames. While Epic Minigames was created by TypicalTimes, these more than a hundred minigames in that community were developed by multiple developers. In Epic Minigames, players play a randomly selected game each round, and each minigame lasts for about one minute. You can leave freely after each round, or you can stay for the next round (endlessly). If you die in one game, you will automatically return to the lobby. If you win a game, you will get 10 coins with which you can buy pets, words, or other decorations for your avatar.


The game is challenging because each round is new if you just started to play the game. So, first I will give you some general advice.

1. Familiarize yourself with the keyboard and the mouse control when you are in the lobby. For example, the mouse can rotate the camera, WSAD moves the avatar, and Space is for jumping.

2. Before the start of each minigame, a line of instruction will appear on the top of the screen to inform you of the following event. Read them carefully and pay attention to what will occur later on.

3. If you don’t know what to do, try to press the Space, left-click on the mouse, or use WSAD to move the character. One of them must work.

4. Don’t worry about losing a game, since you are learning from it.


Next, I will give you specific tips for five games that you will be likely to encounter. Although some minigames are hard and do require practice (e.g., Shark Survival, King of the Hill), most of them are fairly easy if you know the rule.

1. Round Race: Your avatar is in a ball, and you need to roll the ball to the end of the highway in order to get the treasure. It is not the faster the better in this game because if you are too fast, you will fall off and not be able to get to the end within 60 seconds. Make sure to control the speed when turning. Don’t hold the forward button all the time because you will easily lose control.

2. Fishing Frenzy: Your goal is to direct a fishing line and catch as many fish as you can. There are three types of fish: common grey fish (worth 1 point), fast yellow fish (worth 3 points), and shark. You need to avoid sharks since they will bite your line for a few seconds and waste your time. If you want to catch more fish, you need to guarantee that each time you will catch a fish. So, it may not be a good idea to only stare at the yellow fish. If you can consistently catch grey fish, it is enough for you to win the game.

3. Gear Battle: Random weapons will appear when the game starts. Your goal is to be one of the three players that stay alive. You can either choose to pick up a weapon or just avoid being attacked. If you pick up a weapon, make sure to use the left-click on the mouse to shoot.

4. Castle Clash: This is a team game. At the beginning of the game, you are randomly assigned to one of the two teams. Your goal is to use the sword in your hand to kill members of the other team. To achieve this, you need to go out of the castle and click on the mouse to attack your enemies.

5. Spiky Spinner: In this game, a controller will be randomly selected to control the spiky spinner. The rest of the players need to avoid being killed by the machine. If you are the controller, remember to use WASD to control the spinner. The speed of the spinner will increase if you hold the direction button for some time, but it will also be harder to turn around. If you are not the controller, make sure to keep moving, but not in one direction, taking advantage of the clumsy machine that can only change directions slowly.


In short, this game is a good choice for having fun in your leisure time. Although most of the minigames are relatively simple and easy to play, and each minigame lasts for a relatively short period of time, this game will still be enjoyable to play because of the excitement brought about by the randomness of the following games and the motivating daily missions.


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