GUIDE to Flee the Facility

QW(as)007Flee the Facility is an escape game created by ROBLOX user MrWindy. The game is a teamwork game in which up to four people are designated either as “survivors” or as “beasts”. As the survivor, your aim is to escape from the facility as fast as you can and avoid the beast. You need to hack computers to exit. As the beast, your main goal is to capture all survivors before they successfully escape from the facility as fast as possible. The game is proceeded round by round, and at the end of each round, you will see how much XP and currency you have gained. The volume of XP and currency depends on how successful you played your role in the game. XP will be reflected in the level system meaning you will have a higher level when you gain more XP. You can use the currency to buy crates and cosmetics from the store to upgrade and enhance your power and ability. And you can trade the cosmetics at the Trade Hub.   


How To Be A Good Survivor In This Game?

As a survivor, you need to find and hack 5 computers. But with fewer participants in the round, the number of computers you need to hack can be less correspondingly.  

Teamwork is essential. Try to work with other survivors to finish the computer faster.  

Beasts are equipped with glowing gemstones of different colors. Leverage the glowing gemstone to alert when beasts are close. Further, you will also hear certain music or soundtrack when beasts are nearby. And you may also hear the heartbeat of the beasts.  

Never forget that as a survivor you have the skill to quickly crawl and jump through windows. 

Use the third view to see where beasts stay and move in multiple directions. 

Stay alert and never let beasts be too close as they have the sprint ability to chase after survivors, in which case, you are easily outrun.  

Sometimes you can save or free your teammates from being captured by the beast but make sure you are safe. 

To hack the computer, run close to it and press the “E” key. After the process is initiated, all survivors need to press the “E” key simultaneously when certain popups occur. Otherwise, an error message will show up, and this will give the beasts where the survivors locate.

Colors on the computer screen present different information. Green means that the computer is successfully hacked, blue means that the process of hacking is not finished yet or the computer has never been identified, and red means that one of the survivors fail to press the “E” key at the same time with other players.

After all 5 computers are hacked, survivors must go to the exit door and initiate the opening process. When you hear a grating sound by the beast, just simply walk through the exit door and win this round.   


How To Be A Good Beast In This Game?

There is always just one beast in each round.

Leverage the sprint ability to capture survivors.

Leverage your hammer to temporarily knock out the survivors with just one hit. After your successful attack, drag the survivors to the cryogenic chamber for freezing them. But be careful with other survivors as they may rescue the trapped ones.   

You will only have a first-person perspective and no third-person view as a survivor. But you will get higher XP and currency if you win the game a beast.

Use your ability to run by pressing the “Q” key on the PC to speed up. But the disadvantage of this function is that you cannot jump at the moment. 


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