GUIDE to Hide and Seek Extreme

Hide and Seek Extreme was developed by a Roblox developer named Tim7775, and the game has had about 2 billion visits since its release in 2015. The logic of the game is so simple that grade school students can grasp and play with great excitement. At the beginning of the game, a random map will be chosen from six maps, and a player will be chosen randomly to be the “IT”, which is the seeker. Players that are not chosen as a seeker will be hiders. The goal of the seeker is to find all hiders within a time frame, and the goal of the hiders is to hide well and not be found. During the game, players are able to collect gold coins (credits), which can be used to buy “it” characters, pets or decorations.


Playing as the hider

Since the “IT” is chosen randomly based on probability, during the first rounds, it is highly likely that you will play as the hider. First, you will have 60 seconds to find a place to hide. Then, the seeker has 4 minutes to find everyone. Your goal is not to be found. If you achieve this goal, you will get 10 credits at the end of the round. The maps are oversized, which means compared to the avatar, the map is huge, so there are tons of places to hide. There are a few tips for you to hide well.

1. Be familiar with the maps first and do not rush to choose a spot to hide. It is always a good choice to be far from the place where players spawn.

2. Keep moving. Note that in the bottom left of the screen there is a number indicating how far the “IT” is away from you. Pay attention to the number and be prepared when the seeker is getting closer.

3. Spectating “IT”. There is a button in the upper right of the screen called “Spectate it”, which can help you monitor the “IT”’s movement.

4. Take advantage of the bounce pads and teleporters. Bounce pads can not only help you reach coins but also help you escape because when you step on a bounce pad, you can choose on which layer of the shelf to land and in which direction you jump. Sometimes the seeker will get lost because of the uncertainty brought about by the bounce pad.

5. Watch out for cameras and glue. The good news is that the two are easy to spot if you know them. Make sure not to be caught by cameras and not step on the glue drop.



Playing as the “IT”

If you are selected as the “IT”, you will be seeking all hiders in the following round. You spawn at the same place as other players, but you are frozen, giving hiders 60 seconds to find a place to hide. If you find one hider, you will get 5 credits. The “IT” wins only when all hiders are found, so it is very hard for the “IT” to find all players. Here are some tips that hopefully will help you find as many hiders as possible.

1. You can use the frozen time to zoom out and view the layout of the room and pay attention to the directions the players go. Getting the bigger picture will give you clues about where they hide.

2. The “IT” has three characteristics that can facilitate their catching.

  ➤ Glue: you can put a drop of glue in a spot to trap hiders. The time when the glue is more useful is when you find some players who may be hiding somewhere, but don't want to spook them, you can put some glue there and then come back after a while to check.

  ➤ Camera: you can place cameras at a higher place so that it will help you speculate hiders.

  ➤ Sprint: Time is precious. Use sprint when you find a target to help you save some seconds.


Overall, although the logic of the game is simple, it is still very addictive. The intense excitement of hiding and the ambition of finding hiders are the factors that make this game very popular. Hopefully, these tips will give you a greater sense of accomplishment in the game.


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