GUIDE to Impostor

Now, let’s talk about Imposter Roblox. This game was developed by ArcadeRockstar. The imposter is also known as a game that is pretty much built up by a famous 2018 released game “Among Us” which trends during 2020.


This game is quite biased. Players who play Imposter Roblox were often criticized by the “Among Us” community for being the “duplicate” or the “rip off”. Because the game is not just quoted as “inspired” by “among us”. The game is pretty much ”copy and paste Among Us” according to a lot of players. Also, there is one other factor that leads to the common criticism of Imposter Roblox. The releasing time of the game is somehow after “Among Us” went viral, leading to people reviewing the game. A lot of actions were taken on this commonly biased game, including famous YouTubers stating the evidence of how Imposter Roblox ripped off Among Us. So there are always constant arguments between communities and some discord servers of Imposter Roblox were attacked by others because of the unease arguments. Even the Intelligent property’s argument was brought up to the table.


Now let’s talk about how you would play this game. This game functions simply like “among us” but it added 3D Touch so making it more fun for the players. The characters are quite similar in both games. Not gonna lie, the developer of Imposter added up more details on the clothing making the game feel more realistic. Somehow Imposter Roblox also allows players to wander around which they are restricted in certain areas like among us. Players can shift the camera’s view making it more interesting and free to enjoy the game. Entering the lobby, you will have the same keys set up as in Among Us and move your character around. The game generates random crewmates and imposters. The crewmates of the spaceships and imposters will move around to either hide or interact or choose to kill someone leading to the final victory of one side. The goal of the crewmates is pretty much to stay alive and prevent the imposters from killing their teammates and sabotaging the ship without knowing the identity of individuals. The imposter’s mission is to eliminate everyone which is quite straightforward. If you have plenty of friends, it’s not a bad idea to invite them to an intense online strategical game on a private server. In both games, there are vents, meeting areas, and reactors. Also the key element of living in a spaceship- is oxygen and light. The imposters can do whatever they want either killing the one who might have doubts about them or simply doing nothing to survive. The crewmates must maintain the spaceship in a good condition as well.


Now let’s talk about the game design and biased inside. I still remember the date that League of Legends was released and a lot of Dota players got pissed off and started attacking or commenting on how League of Legends stole the game and making a “new Dota” In my opinion, it’s ok to be inspired by a game, but it’s always the key for the developers to build off it. It’s ok if two games are the same group work, but either the modes or elements of it have to be different to attract players playing it. League did a good job on revising Dota elements and turning those into good use causing it to be still populated with players for a decade. The Imposter Roblox still has a long way ahead, but it's never too late to improvise new elements and add more than "Among Us" elements to the game.


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