GUIDE to Mad City

Developed by Schwifty Studios and released in 2017, Mad City is a cops-and-robbers game. The game is quite popular, with 2.1 billion visits since its release. The game is divided roughly into two camps: the good and the evil. In the good camp, you can choose to play as a police officer or a superhero. In the evil camp, you can choose to play as a prisoner and become a criminal after escaping the jail, or you can become a villain after obtaining a power crystal from the body of a superhero. The superhero and the villain certainly add a bit of magic and novelty to this game.


Playing as a police officer or a superhero

The goal of the good camp is to subdue the bad guys. But the police and the superheroes have a subtle difference. The police should use handcuffs to apprehend criminals, whereas superheroes can just kill the bad guys. If you are not familiar with the game, I suggest you play the good camp first because you will have some equipment by default. As a police officer, you can earn a salary ($ 2000 a day), so in this way, you can accumulate some money ($ cash in the game). Equipment purchased with the game currency is stored in the player’s inventory and can be used until exiting the game. Of course, you can always buy cash in the game with real-world money. The police will earn the most money if they arrest (not kill) the guilty criminals, so be careful not to kill your target unless you have to.


Superheroes are also interesting to play with, and they spawn in the Hero Base, which is located near the volcano. You have seven choices: Hot Rod, Voltron, Vanta, Inferno, Proton, Frostbite, Titan, and Archer. Each has its own superpower. For example, Hot Rod has super moving and punching speed. I suggest you choose the one that you can easily control; superheroes move quickly, so you might not be accustomed to the operation. If you don’t know which one to choose, I would recommend Inferno, because they are one of the two flying heroes (the other one is Titan, a robot-like hero), and they have the ability to attack with their fireballs even if they are flying. But even with a superhero able to attack with their superpower, it is necessary to equip with some weapons, which can be found in the Hero Base, because the attacking superpower is not unlimited. For example, Inferno has six fireballs that have to be reloaded if used up. As a superhero, you can just kill criminals.


Playing as a prisoner, a criminal, and a villain

The goal of the evil camp is to conduct robberies and heists to obtain more money (and hone your flexibility, operational proficiency, and stress tolerance at the same time). A prisoner automatically becomes a criminal after escaping the prison. But if you want to be a villain, you must kill a superhero and there is a 25% chance for the superhero to drop their power crystal, which gives you the same power as the superhero and makes you a villain.


So, the most important thing to do first is to escape the prison. There are three popular ways to achieve this, but all of the methods require you to explore boxes and garbage bins in the prison.

1. Look for a rope in the box and go to a wall or the kitchen so that you could climb out of the wall with the help of the rope.

2. Look for a screwdriver in the box, find the ventilation hatch at the dump, and hold E to use the screwdriver to open it so that you could escape via the garbage chute.

3. Pickpocket a police officer to get a keycard. I recommend this way because you don’t need to search through all kinds of boxes and bins. It is not that hard to steal a police officer. You can take advantage of the situation when his attention is drawn to other prisoners or when there is a gun battle.


After escaping the prison, find a car as soon as possible and go to the criminal base in which you can get some free weapons and clothing. There is a free yellow vehicle in the parking lot. Although it is a bit slow, it is still a car. But it would be great if you have your own vehicle. When you obtain the equipment, we can go for the robbery. The map is beginner-friendly in that it indicates which spots are being robbed, which have been robbed, and which are available for robbery. The Casino is a good place to start since all you need to do is to avoid lasers and lights, find the locker, and hold E to get the money. If you touch the laser accidentally, don’t worry because your HP is 100 and one-time touch will not kill you. The Pyramid is one of the most difficult sites to conquer. I suggest you go there when you are more familiar with the operation and the route. There are bouncing flaming balls in the Pyramid, so you need to react faster. Also, the pyramid has only one entrance/exit so you must return the same way. Watch the back when you return because there may be fireballs running from behind.


In short, Mad City is an extremely challenging game. It has the excitement and adventure of traditional police-thief games, but also elements like superheroes and superpowers to satisfy people's fantasies. Although the game is not easy to start, its map can indicate the location of the base camp and important events, and there will always be free weapons and vehicles provided, so new players are also able to slowly accumulate experience and wealth to eventually conquer the game.


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