GUIDE to Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is a round-based and role-play survival game developed by the studio and is the successor to the original Murder Mystery. Players will be assigned a role in the game. There are four different roles in the game and their aims are:  


Innocents: Innocents are those killers trying to kill. So, the aim of innocents is to survive until the killer is identified and taken down by the Sheriff. Innocents also need to use their detective skills to help the Sheriff to identify the killer. Remember if the Sheriff is killed by the killer, innocents can pick up the gun and will have to protect themselves. In this case, the game can still be won. Innocents need to always stay alert until the Sheriff is identified. Stay close to other people but not too close, so that if it’s the killer and is taking out a weapon to kill you, you still have time to run away and report to the Sheriff. Never stay too close to anyone because this will cause misunderstanding if it’s the Sheriff who may think that you are the killer. Innocents also need to take shelter or camp around to avoid attack from the killer.    


The Sheriff: The sheriff is the police officer in the game and is the only character equipped with a weapon to take down the killer. The Sheriff needs to learn about the surroundings first. Be careful with other characters that may have knives, guns, or boomboxes. Make sure that the view is clear before moving. Always keep a safe distance from other people, and if anyone is coming right at you, don’t take a gun right away as it might be an innocent who is looking for protection from you. Run away and stop when the distance is safe again. Don’t present your gun to other players from the beginning. Because when you are trying to identify the killer, the killer is trying to identify the Sheriff either. Too early to expose yourself when the killer is still unknown can be very dangerous. Always keep in mind that killing the innocents means you lose the game, so only take out your gun when you are super sure about who is the killer.             


The Killer: As the murderer, you must identify the sheriff first. Always remember the sheriff is your biggest enemy in this game. Only show your weapon when it’s good timing. Presenting weapons too early means innocents will identify you and report to the sheriff while too late means you might be killed first. Try to kill innocents secretly when they are alone and run away fast. This will leave no clues on who killed the innocents. Always play innocent and act and pretend that you need protection from the sheriff so that you are getting closer to him. When someone comes to you, try to jump out and run away and type “help” or “Run!” in the chatting box like a real innocent.


The game offers players different modes so no matter what you are looking for, you can always find the model that fits you the best. The casual mode is the predetermined mode when you just start playing the game. It’s the basic model of the game and players are allowed to use powers, radios, pets, and emotes. Hardcore mode has almost everything that casual mode has, plus those players are given fake names and costume disguises, which will make it mode difficult to identify other players. There is also the Assassin mode in which each player will receive a weapon. Each role is able to kill their target and protect themselves from being killed.


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