GUIDE to Natural Disaster Survival

Created by an iconic Roblox developer Stickermasterluck, Natural Disaster Survival has had nearly 2 billion visits since its release in 2011. As the name of the game reflects, this is a survival game. At the beginning of the game, each player spawns on a tower not far from the island where the survival game happens. There are 12 disasters and 21 maps in this game. Normally, after a map is randomly chosen by the system, each round has one disaster. But if one player chooses to spend some Robux (a virtual currency in Roblox), there may be more than one disaster.


Playing this game to the fullest doesn’t require the player to survive every round. In fact, if you aim for that, uncertainties will teach you a lesson. On each map, there are a lot of fun interactive elements. For example, there is a pirate ship in the Party Palace, racing cars in the Raving Raceway, trucks in the Furious Park, etc. But if you are ambitious and want to stay strong for a longer time, the following tips can help you.


1. You will have 40 seconds to familiarize yourself with the surroundings. Pay attention to higher structures, shelters, and corners. These are helpful for survival.

2. Don’t rush to climb on a building or a tower or a Ferris Wheel if your primary goal is to survive, because an earthquake will kill you immediately. And you may fall down and die even before the disaster appears.

3. Pay attention to the weather before the warning sign appears. Although the map and the disaster are chosen randomly and a bit of good luck plays an important role, the weather can help you eliminate some choices and get prepared. During cloudy days, there will be flash floods, tornados, thunderstorms, blizzards, sandstorms, or acid rain. On sunny days, there will be earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, meteor showers, volcanic eruptions, or deadly viruses.

4. Pay attention to the warning sign. After 40 seconds, there will be a warning sign indicating which disaster will come and some hints. Read the hints because they will teach you how to survive.

5. Getting a green balloon and a red apple. These are game passes and each costs 80 Robux, but both are one-time purchases, which means that you will have them permanently. The green balloon can help you jump much higher and cause less damage when falling down. Although it can pop because of bricks or being trapped by a tornado, it is very useful in tsunamis or flash floods, which require you to get to higher places. You can use the green balloon to float to a higher structure. The red apple is able to regenerate your health, so it is extremely helpful in blizzards, sandstorms, and acid rain, in which you lose health points bit by bit. But the apple has a 6-second cooldown time, so it may not help you in disasters like fire, meteor showers, and deadly viruses, in which the apple is not fast enough to help you regain the health point.

6. Move when appropriate. Sometimes it is a good idea to stay in one place when a disaster comes, but other times you need to move. For example, the fire has its path, so if you are standing on the path, make sure to change a spot. Acid rain can erode roofs, so the first building you stay in may not be safe after 30 seconds. But you can use the apple to help you regenerate your health when you are seeking another shelter.


In a nutshell, if you want to survive the most number of disasters, you need to learn to anticipate the disaster, observe where it comes from, and use the balloon and the apple to facilitate the survival. But don't forget that the purpose of your playing this game is to have fun, so try as many new things on the map as you can, such as flying with a balloon to see the crater of a volcano and going outside during a blizzard to see whether it could do anything.


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