GUIDE to Piggy

Piggy is an adventure horror Roblox game released by Da Real Mini Toon on January 23, 2020. Players will play as police officers and try to survive being chased by Piggy in the game. Over a series of game chapters and scenarios, Piggy roams the map looking for the player, and the player is always under threat of murder by the evil pig family.


Piggy is a very popular game. Because it has a wealth of game scenes, story scenarios, and playable roles. For example, players will experience in the game the storyline of investigating the disappearance of George Peggy or enter the game scene of sleeping in a tent and awakened by a monster attack, and encounter game characters who were abandoned in the hospital with researchers, etc. Wait. Players can enter the community to further understand the development team's interpretation of what actually happened in the story. Players will see a lot of narratives about the development of the game here, and at the same time, this also increases a lot of attention and discussion among players in the game community.


After the player presses the play button for the first time, their game character will spawn at the character spawn. And, before the character is generated, players will be able to choose game maps and modes to explore, such as player, AI, infection mode, Player + Bot, and traitor mode. In player mode, the game system randomly selects a person as a pig, and the other players must survive. AI mode is a robot mode that automatically controls Piggy through a computer. Infection mode is more interesting. When Piggy captures a player, the game does not end, and at the same time, these captured players will also become pig characters and start infecting the remaining survivors. Player + Bot is the hardest mode. In this mode, there will be 2 pigs, the player and the bot. Traitor Mode is where players will betray their teammates. Traitor Mode is where players will betray their teammates. There will be a robot playing the role of a pig. Traitors will have a knife that can destroy other players. If the traitor is killed by the player, then the traitor must make sure not to be killed by the pigs as much as possible, then the other player wins.


When players are loaded into the map and game mode of their choice, they will be able to move around and view rooms. During the game, the player is told that "piggy woke up" and the player needs to survive for 10 minutes after that. What the player needs to do is try to find keys and other items in these rooms. Some of the different colored keys, hammers, wrenches, guns, bullets and fire extinguishers they may find around the map. Players need to collect color-coded keys and keys within these ten minutes to further access safes and new areas. Players need a combination, of hammer, white key, and wrench in most doors to escape. When encountering an escape door, players need a crowbar, a white key, and a wrench. If the player's time runs out or the player is caught by the pigs in the game, the round of the game is over.


When a player chooses to be a piglet, they can change their pigskin at the start of the game, then they spawn in an empty room for 30 seconds and give other players a head start. But as a piggy players can change their skins and buy traps in the piggy shop. The game features piglets like Zizzy, George Pig, Doggy and Bunny from the Peppa Pig TV series. Once the player's time is up, the player as a pig can walk around to find people and move traps. This stuns other players for 15 seconds, giving the piggy an opportunity. In addition, there is food around the map in the game. Once the piggy players are fed, they will run towards other fleeing players and stun them for 20 seconds. So, for Piggy players, when you see someone approaching you, it's Piggy's best chance to grab those players before they run away. Because if a player fails, they are likely to be cheating and get players kicked or even banned from the game for a period of time.


Overall, the Piggy game is a very fun and good game, except for the infuriating situation where a small number of players will cheat and cause the game to malfunction. But players can find ways to troubleshoot in the game community or on the website. In addition, players only need 1 to 5 minutes to play a game. This is very convenient and time-saving. Players can simply have a little pleasure and relaxation anytime and anywhere. Piggy is currently one of the most popular games on Roblox and I highly recommend players to play this game.


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