GUIDE to Prison Life

Prison Life(Roblox) was first released in 2014. The last update was in 2021. This game peaked on the front page in 2016 and 2017. Although the game is not as populated as before, in 2021, there are still 10k average players online each day. This is a prison-themed survival game with people acting as police and of course, people acting as prisoners. In the gameplay, the prisoners and guards both look like Simpson from the famous cartoon show “The Simpson” which was commonly being joked about. Prison life is also an online multiplayer game where people can play on different parts of the team. The prisoners’ goal is absolutely to escape the prison and try to get weapons along the way. They don’t necessarily have to do anything to the guard, but their team goal is to escape. The guard’s job is to ultimately stop the prisoners from escaping. There is also someone called the “criminal” whose goal is quite fluent which you can do anything you want to either group. This is just the abstract goal and purpose of the game. But there are certainly more to come and I will explain in a second. Undoubtedly, the game is quite clever by giving the gamers a choice to do as many and as free choices when approaching their goal which most definitely makes the game full of different perspectives and “creativities”.


The prisoners can choose to sneak out at night or kill guards and obtain a gun or get into the armory or either from a dead guard to try to get the weapon to regain freedom. It’s your choice to decide. I’m suggesting that you, as a prisoner, kill guards in a safe environment, and getting away with armory is the move. Also, you can choose to kill a criminal but it’s your choice to decide if you want to gain access to weapons like that. The guard’s best strategy is to try to stay clear with unarmed prisoners and try your best not to crossfire with all the prisoners without weapons. You also have to take a considerable amount of time to protect your colleague and try to prevent the prisoners from escaping. As a criminal whose existence can happen in several circumstances, your job is quite relaxing and you can choose to help either side of the prisoners or the guards. But it’s still a reminder that if you get caught, you will be sent back to being a prisoner which doesn’t matter who you were before you became a criminal. There is also a Gamepass called “Riot Police Gamepass” that you can get and this specifically grants you access to riot police items. It’s most definitely gonna cost you some money, but if you are a persistent and obsessed fan of the game, I would most absolutely encourage you to get the pass. This Gamepass will even out the power of criminals or prisoners.


This game has a lot of positive sides, but one of the things that players complain about the most is the consistent bugs and cheaters. There is a criminal glitch that will give you consistent warnings and a legal room glitch in which prisoners couldn’t be arrested as they normally should. Some exploiters or admins ruin the gameplay for the majority of the players unlike at the beginning of time when the game was just released. The creators were also commonly criticized by the players for pointing out the fact that exploiters are everywhere in the game and making it impossible to play nowadays. Overall, this is still an excellent game that was developed a long time ago, so requiring more updates, server maintenance, and penalties for the exploiters if the developers want the game to be in a healthy condition for those time investing players.


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