GUIDE to Super Hero Tycoon

Super Hero Tycoon is a Tycoon game created by Super HerosTM. In the gameplay, you build up your tycoon with one of the ten well-known superheroes either in the comic book or those we are quite familiar with on the movie screen. There are Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Black Panther, the Hulk, Thor, and so on. This game is like the founder of all the other similar games, but the majority of them are AD-deceiving games that try to get kids/teenagers into a scam.


Ok, the game is quite simple, so at the beginning of the game you will automatically spawn in the middle of the map and you can choose whoever you want to be. If you picked a tycoon, then you buy droppers to make money. And you can buy multiple droppers to make a larger amount of cash as well! You might be confused about what are droppers. Droppers simply drop blocks that travel on Conveyer and disappear then turns into cash. The value of cash depends on the Dropper itself’s value. So another question might as well pop up: “how do you increase the value of the droppers?” You will need to obtain upgrades to increase the blocks that get dropped by the droppers. Other than that, don’t forget that Cash collectors are required to get the cash. Well, when you’re sufficient on cash after this kind of complicated process, you can build up your Tycoon with more droppers and unlock new items. You can as well as to battle with another player to gain extra power upgrades. Well, if you’d like to battle, you are better off with snipers or pistols whichever you’d like. This game also offers you a variety of weapons with special abilities which is quite cool if you are used to the other FPS games. If you are the type of guy, who is obsessed with building stuff. This game might not be the best fit, but you are still able to build stuff if you want to! You can choose to buy the stars, the walls, the lights and so on. So you can pretty much build up a base. If you, unfortunately, lost the battle and died, you will respawn back in your Tycoon, but, the price is to recollect all the gears necessary. On the other hand, if you want allies or just simply have a friend playing with you at the same server, you can most definitely invite them to your base to either visit or just hang out. You can choose to have your own private server if you rathered at the same time. Just be cautious to turn off your base’s “security system” will you will get killed if you by crossing the door without permission. Furthermore, in each base, you can have a lot of opinions on inventories of weapons. Some of the weapons are uniquely designed to be just like famous weapons in the Movies series, such as the lightsaber from StarWars.


Overall, this is a nice game to hang out with friends and upgrade your way to becoming a superhero in the game. If you delve into the game itself, you will also realize that there are quite a lot of codes that you can use to either get coins or special abilities sort of like “money drop” from GTA V online which is considered cheating but still a ton of people do it. The game is still being constantly updated and there are still around 10k average players each day. If you want to have a good time being a superhero, this is most definitely your go-to place.


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