Royale High is a Roblox game published by NightBarbie on April 10, 2017. Players can use their scepters to teleport through schools of magic and explore secrets while traveling and play fun games where they dress up and role-play. The fun thing about Royale High is that it allows players to visit different themed areas to collect items and interact with other players continuously. Players can experience the great pleasure of competing, talking, and hanging out with friends in different style locations in this spectacular game world.


Royale High is designed for players to progress through completing missions and interacting with other companions to enter the game's level leaderboards. It allows players to perform fun in-game tasks, send messages to their buddies, and can accumulate energy to earn diamonds for dress-up and character upgrades. Of course, these experiences of players will take place in different themed worlds. This is an important factor for players not to get bored. In addition, the game regularly has many seasonal events, such as badges or other bonus activities for players. The way players can move up the game leaderboards is by completing more different tasks in more areas.


Players can check in at Royale High every day and will be rewarded after a certain number of check-ins. It takes about half an hour to an hour for players to play each game of Royale High. Players can play by themselves or participate in 100-player online games.


Royale High contains many themed worlds, including Enchantix High, Sunset Island, Classic Royale High, Apartments, Fantasia Getaway Resort, Royal High School New Campus, Earth Field, Battle A La Royale, Davinia Park. These spaces all have different ways of playing that allow players to earn diamonds or level up.


♦ First of all, the Enchantix High in the game is a space for players to role-play, and they can earn diamonds for dressing up here by taking classes. It is also the oldest field in Royale High.


Followed by Sunset Island. It's a world where players go on beauty pageants and earn diamonds. Players need to register to participate and equip their characters here, and players can get diamonds by voting and participating in two ways.


The third space is Classic Royale High. It's also possible to get diamonds by going to school, and it's the first world to be dominated by schools.


Fourth, the apartment is a mansion for players to live and relax. It is a place with a bedroom, living area and kitchen. Players can sleep here or have a party with friends and earn diamonds accordingly.


The fifth is the hotel area in the game, Fantasia Getaway Resort. Players can work or live here.


The sixth is the new Royal High School campus that allows players to participate in dance competitions with friends.


Seventh, players can spin the wheel and look for diamonds in the earth domain, because this is a small-town space where you can drive a car.


The eighth is Battle A La Royale. Here players can play mini-games and earn diamonds after winning, such as bow and arrow shooting games.


Last is Davinia Park. This is a park with abundant trees. Players can obtain its aura from the in-game Dream Fountain.



You can access Roblox games without a subscription, although many families opt for paid subscriptions that grant access to in-game features and Robux currency without the risk of personal transactions. Outside of the game, you can make bigger purchases.


The subscription grants 450 Robux per month plus discounts on buying more Robux and selling and trading items with other subscribed Roblox players. Games often encourage Robux consumption progress, as a portion of the money spent goes to the people who create the game. Offers additional in-game purchases for experience-enhancing items.


Royale High allows players to play this game online without a subscription, however, if players opt for a paid subscription, it grants access to in-game features and Robux currency. Players can also purchase items at Royale High to equip new styles or to speed up the leveling up of game characters. Buyable items include the ability to make game characters move quickly, sticker pack passes, hair colors, different kinds of diamonds, special fabric designs, and more. Players can also get Halo Mystery Boxes in different areas. It will give players auras of different rarities. After the player reaches level 75, the player can trade. They can trade with other players through the Interstellar Trading Center. But this requires players to choose and carry out carefully.


Overall, Royale High is an excellent role-playing sim. It currently supports multiple system platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. If players are looking for a fun magic school-themed game where players can communicate and challenge each other, then don't miss this Royale High in Roblox.


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