Developed by Roblox builder asimo3089 and badcc, Jailbreak was particularly hot upon its release. It reached 2 billion visits within two years. Now it has been played over 5 billion times. This game resembles the Grand Thief Auto series since it has a similar cops-and-robbers theme. After starting the game, players first design their own game image. After designing your own character image, you need to choose whether to play as a cop or a prisoner. If you choose to be a prisoner and successfully escape the prison, you are “upgraded” to a criminal. There is a lot going on in this game. If you decide to play as a police officer, your main task is to keep people in prison and catch fugitive criminals back. The main task of prisoners is to successfully escape from prison to become a criminal while evading the police.


Playing criminals will be more interesting but also more difficult at the same time. New players may be overwhelmed at first, but here are some tips that will hopefully help you.


Escape the prison

In order to become a criminal, the first step is to escape from prison. There are many different ways to jailbreak.

1. Punching the power box. This is an easy way to escape but it may attract attention because the punching makes loud noises and the power box is near a police spawn point.

2. Blowing up the wall. This is one of the simplest ways to escape prison. All you need to do is to go to a wall marked with X and hold E on the keyboard to blow up the wall. But make sure that you run as far as you can after escaping.

3. Pickpocketing a keycard. If you have a keycard, you could waltz out the front door. But it is difficult to do because you may not find a proper target to pickpocket. Also, you risk getting arrested. If you are lucky enough, you may find a good target or a corpse to obtain the keycard.

4. Using the sewers. You can also use the sewers to escape, but if there are more people in the server may be guarded by police.

In short, there are very many ways to escape from prison, and after achieving this goal we can make it big in the outside world.


Be a successful criminal

The goal of the criminals is to get enough money and resources while avoiding the police. When you escape from life, the first thing to do is to go to one of the two criminal bases to get weapons and change clothes. Baton is free while other weapons cost money, and some more advanced weapons cost real-world money. The pistol is also free but you need to pickpocket the police or get one from a corpse. If you don't have any money, then it is recommended that you can rob the gas station or the donut shop because they are fairly easy to start with. For example, to rob the donut shop, you go to the register and hold E for as long as you need. You can see the progress bar advancing, and you can leave after the progress bar is filled. No matter what store you rob, be careful not to step on the infrared as well as not to be illuminated by the lights. Next, you need to go to the criminal base to turn the money in.


Playing the police can give you an easy start because you immediately have weapons and vehicles and a helicopter. Being a police officer is a proper job, so there will be a fixed salary. Police can arrest prisoners and criminals, but if they arrest innocent prisoners, there will be a fine. Tips for being a successful cop are simpler. You just need to arrest the guilty prisoners, pay attention not to be stolen, and then try to arrest the higher bounty prisoners. There is one tip for the police and the criminals: get the jetpack. This is the best escape tool for criminals and the best chase tool for police.


Overall, this game is well worth trying if you like adventure and excitement. Although it may be confusing for newcomers at first, I believe this article and many videos will give you some help. Don't be afraid to try, especially for a game that requires skillful operations.


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