Adopt me! is a Roblox game that can adopt children and pets released on July 14, 2017. It is currently one of the most popular and biggest games on Roblox. The game simulates everyday life in the basics of caring for pets, building houses, and making friends. It is a combination of free play and player community, so it has strong user stickiness and is very popular. And the game's developers will continue to adjust and improve with player suggestions.


The goal of the game is for players to continuously adopt 65 pets and raise and groom these adorable pets in this cozy, wonderful family world, where players can decorate their houses and unlock vehicles. As the game progresses and the player progresses, the game provides a way to sell items. This allows players to acquire even rarer, cute pets. The most valuable pets in the game include crows, reindeer, turtles, kangaroos, dragons, queen bees, owls, griffins, ninja monkeys, foxes, and unicorns.


The game has a total of five levels for players to choose from, namely Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, and Legendary. Players need to train their pets by completing quests. Once the player's four pets are fully grown, they can be exchanged for the rarer Neon pets. Then, after the player executes the rare Neon Pet four times, it can be exchanged for the Giant Neon Pet that glows with rainbows.


Actually, Adopt me! 's game system ingeniously encourages players to extend the game time and encourages players to buy currency by trading pets with each other. Players play a game of Adopt me! It takes 10 to 30 minutes, but it's a game that players will play for a long time. Adopt me! Players are encouraged to play the game every day in a way that they earn stars every day. For players, the stars they earn provide important rewards, such as logging in for 195 days in a row to get a golden egg, which gives birth to a golden griffin, golden dragon, or golden unicorn. If you log in for 390 consecutive days, players will get a diamond egg. This will give birth to a diamond griffin, diamond dragon, or diamond unicorn. This is a fatal attraction for loyal players.


Adopt me! Support players to participate in online games to play with 100 people, and support players to play individual games. The Play button is displayed when players join Adopt Me for the first time. Once the player presses the play button, they will see the option to become a baby or a parent. If the player chooses the role of the parent, the player will be able to adopt children and keep pets. Players will see icons appear on the side of the screen while standing in their house. 4 options appear after the player presses the arrow. One of these options is custom outfits that make the player character look better. Players can also go out of the house. When players enter the town area, they will see the nursery. Walking into the nursery, players will see two options, the pet area, and the kid’s area. Players can adopt pets by walking on the left, and children can be adopted by walking on the right. When the player chooses to adopt a child, they will see the crib.


If the player's preferred character is a child, then they will have a lot of feelings to be satisfied. For example, hungry, sick, or need to be happy. When the children's needs are met, players will get a lot of money. Additionally, if the player wants to have a pet, they will need to go back to the nursery and opt into the pet area. There the player gets an egg; they just need to hatch it further until the pet is born.


Overall, Adopt me! is a very good and popular Roblox game. For players who like to keep kids and pets, this is a simulation game not to be missed. Players can download it from Roblox's official website or Google Play.


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