MeepCity is a 3D social hangout/role-play and open-world game created by Alexnewtron. Players start the game in a town with many different buildings. You need to survive on your own and earn coins by completing a variety of tasks. You also need to think carefully about how to spend those coins that you earn to achieve the highest profit or best overall result. There is no fixed route or storyline that you have to follow. Keep discovering and try as you wish, you will see different feedback. Pick up your favorite name for your character and start your journey. By just playing the game, you will first pop up in a house which is your home in the game world. No matter how far your travel, you are able to come back anytime. Coins are essential in the game, and you can earn coins in multiple ways. You can collect 5 daily coins every day when you log in. And if you buy the gamer pass (“PLUS”), you will receive 15 coins per day. The PLUS also offers you other special features such as a PLUS marker above your head, access to new furniture and equipment, receiving coin multiplier and earning coins more easily in all ways where coins can be earned, and more. As non-PLUS players, there are still loads of ways to earn coins:


1. Gardening

Plant flowers in the garden around your house and sell them when they are completely grown up. It takes some time for the flower to grow from a seed to a developed plant, but you don’t have to wait there and always keep the game open, flowers will still grow when you are out. However, you can speed up the process by watering the flowers—the first-time watering will reduce the time to two hours and the second-time watering will further reduce 30 minutes. There are three tiers of planting: tin tier, bronze tier, and silver tier. In the tin tier, you can sell each plant for 25 coins, and you need to sell a total of 40 flowers to advance to the next tier; In the bronze tier, the cost of seeds is 50 coins, and you need to sell a total of 160 flowers to upgrade to the next tier. And in the silver tier, you can sell each plant for 75 coins, and you need to sell a total of 320 flowers to proceed to the next level. One amazing feature is that flowers still grow even when you are not presenting in the game.


2. Complete chores and tasks

There are many ways to earn coins by completing different activities. You can go to the school and challenge someone for a 1 vs 1 match. You can also join the racing mini-game. In a racing game, the amount of money that you will be awarded depends on which rank you stay at the end of the game. Some karts will accelerate faster, and others will oversteer when drifting so think wisely when picking up karts of different colors. Star Ball Obby is another mini-game to earn coins. The game features four different maps, each with 6 levels. You will be rewarded more as you unlock further levels. You can also purchase the minigame “Four in a Row” in the furniture store. This game is very easy you only need to manage to place your pieces in a row vertically, diagonally, or horizontally and you win the game. You can also earn coins by fishing. There are multiple lakes of fishing pods in the neighborhood. Find an unoccupied pier, equip yourself with a fishing rod and charge up power for it and throw it at a dark spot, catch a fish, and sell it for coins in the pet shop.


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