GUIDE to Tower of Hell

Tower of Hell is an interactive turn-based game released by YXCeptional Studios in June 2018. In the game, players will reach the top of a randomly generated tower and need to run to the top of 6 towers within an eight-minute timer to complete the tower. Additionally, the game increases the difficulty and speeds up the timer when the player completes a tower before the timer resets.


The list of games contains 345 parts, of which 320 are regular parts and 25 are secret parts. Players need to reach the top before the time runs out. Of course, if the player successfully passes the tower and defeats the tower, he can get a lot of coins. These coins can help players buy temporary gear or a round of mutants in the shop.


After entering the game, players will see a list of difficulties to choose from. If the player is a novice, it is better to choose the portal of the noob tower to start playing. This is the easiest tower in the entire game. Tower of Hell is not a very difficult game, but it can be difficult for players who have no experience with such games. So, novice players need multiple attempts to beat the tower. After reaching the top of the tower, they will see a flashing block. This means that the player has defeated the tower and can move on to the next challenge.


Tower of Hell's menu is a GUI and setup function. After clicking on it, players can buy many things in it. Includes gear, mutants, effects, and coins. The game's store is a tab with the YXCeptional Studios logo. It is in the lower right corner of the interface and will show the number of coins the player has. When players open the menu interface, they will see settings, effects, gears, mutants, coins, and memberships, as well as the player's game credits.


There is also a skill tree feature in the game. Here players further enhance their gear by improving their skills by adding skill points. Players can level up by defeating opponents in the game or through professional towers, to further gain skill points to strengthen their skills. Skill points are displayed next to the leveling number, and the player earns one skill point per level. Players can change the skills by switching branches and re-equipment in the process of using skills during the game because the game only allows one skill to be used at a time. If the player wants to change his skill tree just spend 300 Robux in the shop. In addition, most of the store-bought equipment in the game can be upgraded in the skill tree. This can help players better get extra rewards in the game.


Tower of Hell coins can be used to buy gear in the in-game store, including gears, mutants, and effects. In the game's Noob Towers, players can generally win up to 100 coins, or 200 coins if they use the Dual Currency Game Pass. In Pro towers, players can get up to 250 coins per tower, or 500 with the Dual Coin Game Pass. Players can also earn 2 coins in Noob Towers or 1 coin in Pro Towers by beating one section at a time, and the coins will multiply as players level up and progress. The number of coins accumulated by the player is displayed on the sidebar of the screen. This will help players better understand their coin count situation.


Memberships are available to players by purchasing them in the Tower of Hell store. In addition to earning coins by winning noob towers or pro towers, purchasing with Robux, players can also purchase memberships to earn them. Players will get 500 coins every day when they first log in to the game.


There is also a deluxe version of Tower of Hell, the Tower of Hell's Appeal, which is a game where banned players are sent when they try to join the Tower of Hell. It will allow players to still play the game while banned, just not with other players. This will reduce the workload of game administrators and provide players with continuous gaming pleasure.


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