Roblox Action Collection - Meme Pack Playset

Material: plastic
Age Range: 6+
Item Dimensions: 9.13 x 6.73 x 2.05 inches
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Editor's review

This Meme Pack Playset brings your favorite Roblox adventures from the screen into the real world, and comes with redeemable codes to unlock exclusive virtual items on Roblox! The set includes Thunder1222's favorite swolemate Meganoob, Despacito Spider (created in the popular game Robloxian Highschool), the Joker from Spectrabox's Fantastic Frontier, the Velociraptor from Nitenity Studios' The Labyrinth, or anything in between. You can decorate your figure with the included accessories and mix and match their parts to create your own unique Roblox character! It's also perfect to use these figures as decorations for your kids' cakes, they're just the right size. I guarantee your kids will scream for them!