Roblox Celebrity Collection - MeepCity: Meep Hospital Six Figure Pack

Material: Plastic
Age Range: 6+
Item Dimensions: 2 x 1 x 3 inches
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Editor's review

If you're a fan of the breakout role-playing game MeepCity, you can now bring one of its most iconic locations to life with this fantastic five-figure pack. In this bundle, you'll be able to care for your community's Meeps and return them to their full health in the Medical Wing, while also enjoying exclusive virtual content! Some of your favorite characters include Max Deductible, Doctor Profit, and Doctor Rao who are ready to treat any patient who walks through the hospital doors! You'll love caring for the patients of Dr. Profit (the home improvement penguin), Dr. Rao (the doctor who'd rather be a bandit), and more with these incredible doctors!